Fixing Damaged Hair

Damaged hairs...

Common methods of hair styling such as perms, hair straightening, coloring or bleaching seriously damage the hair fiber. This damage leaves the hair weaker, drier and more brittle.

...need to be fixed from inside.

The damaged hair fiber needs to be repaired from the inside to restore its properties.

Our Technology

KhairPep Portugal, based on scientific research in recent years, has developed a technology based on peptides that are able to easily penetrate into the hair fibers and restore the hair cosmetic properties previously damaged.
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    This technology is based on the replacement and restoration of broken chemical bonds from the harmful cosmetic procedures.

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    This restoration allows the recovery of hair strength and elastic properties even after repeated hair washes.

Our Product

Our product corresponds to a primary base of a cosmetic formulation containing peptides, which may be supplemented with fragrances and other cosmetic formulations elements for commercial use.

Contact Us

  • KhairPep Portugal is a Spin-off from Centre of Biological Engineering of University of Minho in Portugal. We are bringing years of hair research into innovative products for hair care.

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